Author Topic: How Hedgehog with Bear wiped the stars  (Read 3927 times)


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How Hedgehog with Bear wiped the stars
« on: 02:30:32, 04 Apr 2019 »
How Hedgehog with Bear wiped the stars
(Written by Sergey Kozlov. Translated by Dmitry Samoshin)

For a whole month Hedgehog climbed on the pine every night and wiped the stars.
"If I don't wipe the stars every night," he thought, "they will surely fade."
And he went out on the porch in the morning, made a fresh broom to shoot down dust from the stars first and washed his little rag. He had only one rag, so he washed it every morning and hung it to dry on the pine.
Having done all of that, Hedgehog had lunch and went to bed. He woke up when the dew was already falling. After dinner Hedgehog took his little rag in one paw and the broom in another and little by little from branch to branch climbed to the very top of the pine.
Here began the most important thing. At first, the stars should have been tapped with a broom, so be careful not to accidentally knock them out of the sky. Then shift a broom into the left paw and take a rag into the right paw and wipe the stars to shine. The work was painstaking and it took all night.
"But how else?" grumbled Hedgehog, talking to himself at the top of the pine. "If Bear doesn’t wipe the stars, if I don’t wipe the stars, then who will wipe the stars?.."
At the same time Bear was also sitting at the top of the pine over his house, wiping the stars and thinking:
"It's amazing how such a happy thought came to Hedgehog's mind! Because if Hedgehog had not invented cleaning the stars, no one would have seen them for a long time. How dusty this one!.." and he blew on the star and wiped it with a rag...
Bear tried very hard, but he did not always succeed like Hedgehog.
And if a star fell down from the sky, everyone in the forest knew that it was accidentally pushed by Bear.