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JavaScript / Hedgecode E-Mail Obfuscator
« on: 14:29:51, 07 Aug 2018 »
Hedgecode E-Mail Obfuscator
(javascript plugin)

Short description:
Hedgecode E-Mail Obfuscator is a simple javascript plugin based on jQuery for obfuscating e-mail addresses on HTML pages, which makes it difficult to collect personal data for Internet bots.

Current version: 1.01 (download)

See also: Hedgecode Javascript Development

JavaScript / Hedgecode Rotator
« on: 14:24:31, 07 Aug 2018 »
Hedgecode Rotator
(javascript plugin)

Short description:
Hedgecode Rotator is a multifunctional javascript plugin for display of rotational HTML objects based on jQuery library.

Functional features:
  • Ability to choose one of six types of objects rotation effects: slide, fade, bounce, drop, explode or puff;
  • Presence of visual controls for the rotation of objects: start, stop, next, previous, go to a specific object;
  • Ability to set time intervals for rotation of objects via the options parameter.
Current version: 0.2 (download)

See also: Hedgecode Javascript Development

Libraries / Hedgecode Snooker Score API
« on: 09:44:06, 10 Jan 2018 »
Hedgecode Snooker Score API

Library page: snooker-score-api

Short description:
Hedgecode Snooker Score is an API library for portal, which contains the results of snooker competitions and other snooker information. The library provides a set of entity objects that can be used in client applications (to inform about the results of snooker) developed in Java.

FAQ, Usage

Current version: 0.2

Libraries / Hedgecode AceStream Channel Parser
« on: 09:36:35, 10 Jan 2018 »
Hedgecode AceStream Channel Parser

Library page (under construction): acestream-channel-parser

Short description:
AceStream Channel Parser is used to parse live TV-channel URLs from livestream internet portals (such as and generate local playlists for play by AceStream Player.

Current version: 0.2

Maven Plugins / Hedgecode Classpath Maven Plugin
« on: 09:28:45, 10 Jan 2018 »
Hedgecode Classpath Maven Plugin

Plugin page: classpath-maven-plugin

Short description:
The Hedgecode Classpath Plugin is used to add the different Java libraries (e.g. non-maven jars) to the classpath of your project.

FAQ, Usage

Current version: 1.0

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